John began his official career in 1960 and hung up his whistle in 1989. In those years, one would be hard pressed to find an official who was more respected from coast to coast. He was a founding member of the CPA (Comité Provincial d'Arbitrage) which oversees the well being of Quebec local basketball associations.

So respected was John as a person as well as an official, he was chosen to to officiate the 1976 Summer Olympics in his home town of Montreal. John was inducted into the Quebec basketball Hall of Fame in 2002. He was also the recipient of CABO's Ted Early Memorial Award which honors officials who have a significant number of years at the national as well as the international level, has shown leadership and serviced the basketball community at provincial, national and international levels. 

Locally, John serviced MMBRA as president as well as interpreter. MMBRA thanks John for his contribution to the art of officiating and is honored to have him as the first inductee into the MMBRA Hall of Fame.